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The Mr. Painter painting company has been the leader in its field for over 10 years. Even though our seat is situated in Limerick, we realize projects everywhere in Ireland. At Mr. Painter, we are fully aware of the fact that if you have decided to hire a professional painter, there must have been a good reason for that. It may happen that you are not skilled in painting (for you do not need to be an expert in that), not willing to engage in such undertakings, or that you do not have enough time to spend on painting a given room or area for several hours.
Regardless of reasons behind your choice, we will take advantage of our professional tools and paints, as well as of our perennial experience, and will realize the order in a clean, timely, and professional manner. After the completion of the project, your house or office will look astonishingly well.


Typically, we start from meeting with our prospective client and discuss the scope of works to be performed. At the discussed stage, we focus on the choice of colors, client’s special needs, and additional aspects of the order. We also specify the perfect time of day for project realization that will not be a nuisance for the users of a given area or room. We frequently perform painting-related undertakings when our clients are on holiday, are engaged in a family meeting, or they are simply away for some time.

After such an arrangement, we have a full picture of the scope of works to be executed. Thanks to that, we can provide the customer with a comprehensive quotation.

Please Remember

At Mr.Painter, our approach is different – we do not focus on overcharging our clients. In order to do the job right, we focus on providing our clients from Limerick and other areas with unparalleled service quality service. We believe that the old saying is true: You do get what you have paid for.


Each and every order is different. Regardless of whether it is based on kitchen cabinets painting, exterior painting, interior painting, commercial painting or church painting and decorating, we always do our best to perform the job as excellently as humanly possible. At Mr. Painter, we know that today everything has to be done quickly and efficiently. However, it has to be mentioned that we simply cannot omit any stage of order realization. Cleaning, fixing, filling gaps, and removing the excess of moisture are important, just as polishing, cleaning, and applying paint. It all requires time for the final outcome of our undertakings to be magazine worthy.

The Mr. Painter team believes that a properly executed work grants its members a remarkable satisfaction, as well as shows customers that is worth recommending us to their friends and family.

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