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In the case of our company, the Decorating section refers to a variety of services, starting from wallpaper hanging, through traditional stencil works, up to a gilding and artistic mural painting. We can do virtually anything you want. We are sure that our professionals and the quality of service provision will satisfy the needs of even the pickiest clients. Just imagine a golden wall in a representative hall, an artistic mural showing scenes from the Bible painted on the wall of a church, or imitations such as marble imitation or wood grain – wood imitation. Would you like your fireplace to be painted in an interesting fashion as well? 

If so, contact us and we will make your dreams come true.


Wallpapering becomes all the rage again. Such a form of wall finishing makes them look elegant and unique. However, there are gradually less and less experts knowing how to perform wallpapering-oriented tasks operating on the market. That is why you should opt for us, especially if you have purchased an expensive wallpaper and you want it to be applied to the wall in a highly professional and seamless fashion. 

While placing an order, you can be sure that: 

– We provide a professional wallpapering service.

– We use best tools, equipment and techniques to achieve best possible results.

– We will measure the areas that are to be papered and advise you on the quantity of paper to be ordered.

– We will use lining paper as a foundation for your wallpaper if necessary

– We are trustworthy, reliable, professional, and friendly painters and decorators currently working in private residential home and office-oriented sectors, mainly in Limerick, but also – in the entirety of Ireland.


Sometimes, we cannot afford to finish our interior with natural materials, such as Italian marble or exotic wood types from a distant place. In the modern world, it is even considered to be improper to exploit natural resources to such an excessive extent. However, you can always ask the experts working for Mr. Painter to help you. We are experienced when it comes to painting imitations of natural marble and various wood types. We can even paint recently finished items to ensure that they look classic and noble. We can ensure you that it is possible to paint a fireplace, an interior design set made out of planks or MDF boards, as well as any other surface to resemble the most expensive Italian marble or an exotic wood gathered in one of African jungles. We will opt for traditional and highly aesthetic painting techniques, as well as ensure a complete environment protection. If you want to paint antique door or columns in your local church, remember that Mr. Painter is a decorative painting finishes specialist.


Aside from the fact that we hire talented painters only, we frequently cooperate with artists who help us create one-of-a-kind works of arts. Thanks to that, we are capable of creating liturgical murals, religious theme pieces, and stylish paintings. We can also help you with mural design, conservation, and restoration. If your mural requires a proper maintenance or there is a plain wall you would like to be covered with something unique, just call us or take advantage of the available contact form.


It is one of the most beautiful and oldest methods of decorating items and architectonic elements. Professionals in the discussed field can make items look stunningly beautiful and intriguing. We are proud to state that gilding is our specialty. We are the owners of the website, which is a portal devoted to everything that is at least loosely connected with gilding services in Ireland. We can gild everything, starting from frames and mirrors, through old religious figurines, up to altar decorations. Each and every project scale is suitable for us, regardless if it is all about a small statue outside the church or a full church ceiling decoration. Our work is based on the utilization of oldest gilding techniques, such as oil gilding and water gilding. We also take advantage of real gold leaves or silver leaves. Sometimes, due to a limited budget or the specificity of the order, we can use imitation gold leaves, which will resemble true gold and will serve decorative purposes rather than be used for the restoration of historical objects.


To be perfectly frank, it is the pinnacle and the proof of skills of every painter and decorator. It does not matter if one paints small elements of a Georgian house ceiling or cover a large area of a monumental cathedral. The process is always the same – it starts with a concept and design, through stencil cutting, up to creating the one-of-a-kind decorations involving one or more colors usage. Such works are exceptionally satisfying for both the creator and the client. Currently, we perform such works predominantly within sacral objects. Those are both small and big churches, chapels, as well as other places that are of key importance when it comes to spiritual growth. By utilizing stencils, we may make a given interior special and help it regain its former gloss. Renovation works are very intriguing, for they are preceded by long hours of analyzing documents, paintings, and drawings. Thanks to that, we can stay faithful to the initial concept of the creator.


Thanks to our perennial experience, vast knowledge, and a true passion for what we do, we can safely call ourselves church painting and decorating specialists! For over 10 years, we have been actively engaged in a myriad of projects realized within the scope of Ireland that made it possible to help sacral objects and churches regain their prior glam. However, it is only a part of our professional experience. The owner and founder of the Mr. Painter Company, as well as the originator of and brands – Mario – is the graduate of the Faculty of Arts History and the Faculty of Architectural Monument Conservation. He is a painting aficionado, spending his free time creating oil and watercolor paintings. He has gained experience while co-participating in many projects in Poland and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, where he properly familiarized himself with the art of gilding. While working with golden elements in luxurious villas, historical objects, and fairytale-like domes of Russian Orthodox churches, he gained knowledge making him one-of-a-king expert in Ireland.

Obviously, it is not everything we can do for you. Due to the fact that we have proper experience and skills, as well as realized dozens of church and mansion decoration projects, we can help you in such fields as:

– Complete Interior and Exterior Redecorating Service
– Marble Cleaning
– Cornice Restoration
– Front Door Restoration and Redecorating
– Statue Restoration
– Paint Stripping
– Graining & Marbling
– French Polishing
– Faux Finishes
– Gilding
– Lime Painting
– Gold leaf application
– Marbling effects
– Wood Graining effects
– Statue Painting
– Church Pew Restoration
– Sign Writing

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