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Hand painted kitchens are our specialty. We know what to do for kitchen cabinets to look as stunning as they have never looked before. Throughout the years, we have painted various types of kitchens, cupboards, and other items of furniture, both those widely available and highly exclusive ones. Thanks to that, we are capable of choosing proper paints to achieve the desired effect.
Why do we opt for hand painting? We know that this technique is the only one ensuring the „authentic” finish look. Items painted in such a way have their own unique character. Spray painting is utilized while applying paint or varnish to modern kitchen cabinets and other items of furniture that are to stay smooth and shiny for a long time.

We do not limit kitchen painting to technical basics, such as cleaning, polishing, and painting only. We believe that the said process is also about preserving the memories. Of course, it would be easier to get rid of an old kitchen cabinet and replace it with a new one. However, recall all those fantastic experiences, such as family breakfasts, long meetings with friends and beloved ones in the kitchen, or Christmas preparations. Those are all memories worth preserving. Hinges and handles of cupboards can be fixed, tables and other items of furniture can be painted, and all those valuable moments can be kept in your house forever.


New kitchen painting is a remarkable challenge for us. Such a kitchen should be covered with a proper primer and in some places, gaps and dents have to be filled in. Then, paint proper can be applied. Said process is long-lasting and rather demanding, for new kitchens are made out of materials that have never been painted before. We are therefore responsible for the proper execution of that task for the beauty of the purchased items to be maintained for years to come.


This painting-related undertaking is relatively easier. Obviously, we still have to take a proper care to prepare the surface properly. There is also the need to remove fatty residue and polish the kitchen cabinet for the final effect to be astounding.


It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges painters have to face. Solid wood kitchens are expensive and even though they can be used for years, after some time, there is also the need to paint or repaint them. The main challenge is to do it in such a way for the effect to be breathtaking and for the initial style of the item not to be lost. While properly selecting paint color and finishing the work manually, we can be sure that the client will be fully satisfied with what he or she will be presented with.


Aside from the fact that our company offers hand painted kitchens, our representatives can also help you with spray painting kitchen cabinets. Some kitchen types, especially those modern ones, should be painted by means of taking advantage of the spray painting technique. Said approach requires a slightly different approach, however. The key thing is to undertake preparatory works properly by removing all the unnecessary items from the kitchen and taking out all objects from kitchen cabinets. Then, surfaces to be painted are cleaned, polished, and secured.
The next step is to apply the initial layer of primer, after which two layers of paint are sprayed on the item. Such a process ensures that the painted kitchen cabinet will not only look stunning, but will also serve its owners well for many years to come.

We are fully aware of the fact that removing items from shelves and preparing the cabinet to be painted is a time-consuming task. On customer’s request, our painters can do that in order to save him or her the hassle. We are exceptionally experienced in the field and are in possession of top-tier equipment, which are both guarantees that the final outcome you will be presented with will astound you.

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