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In the case of our company, quality is the top priority. We do not opt for shortcuts or compromises. Thanks to that, we have been chosen as contractors by our clients for over 10 years. We have been working with both individual and commercial customers. In both cases, we have realized orders entrusted to us successfully and our customers have been truly satisfied with the outcomes they have been presented with. When you decide to hire Mr. Painter, you can be sure that you will get what you have paid for. We consider ourselves to be premium-class painters, the results of work of whom are long-lasting and pleasant to look at.

We offer our clients both exterior and interior painting. Regardless of what type of order you will place, the entire process, as well as the final quality will be the same. 

As it has been mentioned earlier, we do not focus on looking for shortcuts and easier ways out. The key to success is to follow a well-thought-out process that always ensures the best outcome of painting possible. 

1. Proper cleaning of the surface that is to be painted is the basis for every single order we are engaged in. If you have opted for exterior painting, we will utilize pressure washers. In the case of interior painting, we typically opt for sponges, warm water, and cleaning agents that are suitable for a particular purpose. We do all that to get rid of dirt, contaminations, fatty residue, algae, moss, as well as loose paint flakes. 

2. Surface preparation – it is yet another stage. Centimeter after centimeter, we clean the entire surface with a scrapper. It makes it possible to remove old paint and make the surface as smooth as possible. 

3. Filler, caulk, etc. The next step is to fill in all gaps in the surface. The surface also has to be made smooth and polished. Sometimes we have to plaster something, whereas in some other cases using sandpaper is enough. 

4. Primer – after perfectly preparing the surface for painting, the selected primer can be applied. Each and every surface requires an individual approach – wood, old plaster, as well as cardboard and gypsum boards require a different type of plaster to be used. We will take of selecting the proper one that will do the job just nicely. 

5. Painting – finally, we can proceed to the final stage of project realization. It is when the magic happens! Typically, we apply two layers of paint to surfaces by using brushes and rollers. This stage is the one we like the most, for when the paint finally dries, there are no amendments to be introduced. Also, then we can present the final work to the client and experience his or her full satisfaction.

It goes without saying that we always remember to protect surfaces and items that should not be painted. Floors, items of furniture, and other elements of interior design are covered or protected with a professional painting tape. While working outside, we protect the surface not to leave paint marks after finishing the work. Also, we perform our tasks in such a way not to destroy or damage anything. We love what we do and we do not want to leave a mess behind. We want to act professionally from the very beginning of the order to the end.


Mr. Painter is proud to offer its customers professional commercial painting. We pride ourselves on being a no-hassle subcontractor. Our prices are highly competitive and our price-to-quality ratio is undoubtedly above-average in nature. Our focus is on meeting deadlines and realizing projects in such a way to exceed the expectations of our clients


New building painting

We are highly experienced in painting such objects. Thanks to us, an unimpressive construction site can be quickly transformed into the house of your wildest dreams.

Existing building repainting

We can paint a single room, an entire house, an outer surface, as well as a whole interior. You decide what scope of works to entrust us and we will try to work in such a manner for you not to notice our presence.

Painting period properties

We are highly experienced in this field. Period properties are our favorite subject. It does not matter to us whether we are to paint sash windows, molding decorations, or beautiful decorations being a part of a local Irish church. We have skills, tools, and experience ensuring top quality order realization.

Kitchen cabinet painting

We paint kitchen cabinets both by hand and by means of spray painting. We utilize paints, varnishes, and lacquers to achieve the best aesthetic effect possible and at the same time – properly protect your items of furniture.

Exterior painting

While starting work outside your house, we know what to do for the final result to be astonishing and for the applied paint to withstand the unpredictable Irish weather. The façade of your house or office will be in good hands.

Rental property painting

If you happen to be the owner of a house or flat for sale or for rent, you may need to repaint it quickly. We can help you with that. We have perennial experience in cooperating with auctioneers and estate agents. We know what current market needs are and we can share some of our secrets with you.

Color consultation

If you cannot decide which color to opt for, we can provide you with advising services as well. Our experts can help you select the right hue, present you with samples, or even paint small surfaces for you to be able to specify which paint suits your needs.

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