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Our experience which has been obtained thanks to the realization of several projects from the field is also complemented with the utilization of top quality materials and paints. The brands of products we utilize are, among others: Farrow & Ball, Little Green, Colourtrend, and Earthborn. Those are all natural products that can be utilized while painting and renovating all kinds of buildings. 

As we are fully aware of the fact that we are among entities responsible for maintaining the architectural heritage of Ireland, we do our best for the renovated monuments and objects to maintain their exceptional and one-of-a-kind charm.  

Major fields we focus on in the discussed area are as follows:

Complete Interior and Exterior Redecorating Service

Traditional Wallpapers

Cornice Restoration

Front Door Restoration and Redecorating

Wallpapering (including the use of lining paper)

Period Kitchen Units and Furniture Repainting

Paint Stripping

Graining & Marbling

French Polishing

Faux Finishes


Lime Painting

As we know that period houses and buildings are also very delicate in character, our professionals undertake all the necessary actions to ensure due diligence while performing conservation-oriented works. Each and every stage of such jobs is in line with painting principles followed in a given epoch. Even though such projects are not the cheapest ones, they are performed with care about even the most miniscule details to ensure splendid results.

Mr. Painter offers renovation-oriented services for various kinds of interiors and types of artworks, including sculptures, paintings, as well as wooden and marble decorative elements. We excel in reverting such items to their original state, as well as in recreating certain elements and incorporating them into the entire project. Our aim is to bring unique buildings and works of art to life once again for them to be appreciated and admired by future generations.


Thanks to over 10 years of operation in the industry, Mr. Painter has become a true leader in the field of marble cleaning and polishing. Not only do we ensure professional servicing in terms of marble polishing and cleaning, but we also expanded our offer by adding natural stone cleaning by means of resorting to our proprietary method to it. We utilize own cleaning agents that are characterized by neutral PH, which makes them perfect for such works.


As a painting-oriented company, we may seem not to have to deal with many wood-oriented projects. However, it is not true. We are capable of making wooden elements beautiful and stunningly-looking as well. Each wooden element can be restored while being taken care of properly by one of our experts. We resort to most innovative maintenance techniques while dealing with brand-new items, as well as epoch-specific ones (such as French polish or hot wax polishing) while dealing with antique objects. While placing an order for the restoration of antique wooden door, church benches, confessional, or Way of the Cross, you can be sure that such objects will be restored by true craftsmen.


In almost every church, as well as in a number of Irish houses, there are various holy statues. In many cases, they require a proper restoration or repainting. Sometimes, there is the need to make a missing body part of the figure or add some pieces of clothing to it, repaint most damaged elements of the statute, or cover prior gilded parts with a layer of gold. We will gladly take care of all of that. In our workshop, our professionals will restore each and every statue and figurine requiring a proper maintenance. We can reconstruct a selected fragment, paint a figurine in compliance with current trends, as well as add golden or decorative elements to them. Regardless of whether you are in possession of a small figurine or a big statue situated in the churchyard, each of items entrusted to us can become even more aesthetically pleasing and breathtaking. If our offer lacks something you would like us to do – it does not mean that we cannot do that for you. It may simply mean that we have forgotten to publish the whole scope of services on our website. Do not fret then and just call us and we will do our best to help you!

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