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Surface preparation is a foundation and the very basis of every painting-related work. In order to perform it properly, you have to be experienced, meticulous, and have the access to proper tools. The representatives of our company know how important it is and are aware of how many companies would like to skip that step. That is why we want to address the expectations of customers and offer surface preparation as a separate service. We can clean, polish, decontaminate, or wash a chosen surface and you or your company can take care of the rest. Forget about tiresome scrubbing and cleaning – we will handle that!


Wallpaper stripping is one of services offered by our company. Old wallpapers, such as old paints, may become unpleasant to look at after some time. It does not matter whether you want to apply a new wallpaper to a wall or paint it differently, one thing is certain – old wallpapers have to be removed.
Wallpaper removal, in contrast to many other preparatory works, require accuracy and patience. Removing a wallpaper requires performing specific tasks not to damage the walls they have been applied to. The surface has to be properly scrubbed and cleaned by means of using a mixture of warm water and proper chemical agents, which will ensure the comfort of follow-up works and the most optimal effect. In some cases, when walls have not been properly prepared before applying wallpaper, it may be difficult to remove it. If the wallpaper has been applied to a gypsum board directly, it can be damaged while removing wallpaper too quickly. Then, the best option may be to prime the wallpaper in question and then to remove the excess of fatty residue from the walls by opting for professional agents.

If you decide to go for painting walls after wallpaper removal, we will perform proper actions to make sure that it will be possible to safely and efficiently apply paint to the prior prepared wall.

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While proceeding to painting-related works, preparation is the key to success. All surfaces, including walls and ceilings, have to be properly cleaned and prepared in order for the new layer of paint to look as great as possible and to last for a long time.

If you neglect the preparation stage, the newly used paint can come off much quicker than expected. It may in turn cost you much more than anticipated to repaint your house, office, or apartment.

External surfaces may require the removal of a thick layer of dust and contaminations, as well as pressure washing in order to remove old paint. Surface preparation can be considered to be the most time-consuming part of painting, but it is also the most important one. You have to do that to make sure that the surface the chosen paint will be applied to is clean and smooth.

Mr. Painter can also assist you in repairing walls and ceilings to revert them to their initial state. We are highly experienced when it comes to all methods of surface preparation, including surface washing, polishing, scrubbing, and pressure washing. Our professionals have been trained with regard to the proper utilization of all agents used while performing preparatory tasks, so we can ensure you total safety.

Mr. Painter opts for most efficient and optimal methods, as well as products while preparing surfaces for further works. We do our best for our painting-related undertakings to highlight the specificity of surfaces they are applied to. Call us today and we will help you prepare both the interior and the exterior of your object for further painting works. We want all your painting-oriented undertakings to fully satisfy your needs and expectations.

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Sometimes the surface to be painted is in a very bad condition. There may be many reasons for that, including moisture, uneven walls, deterioration with time, etc. Then, the best way to even the surface and prepare it for further modifications is to utilize a drywall.

Have you been looking for a professional drywall installer? Our professional workers will ensure you the highest quality of order execution. We can repair old ones, as well as install new ones. Thanks to the utilization of drywalls, we can transform an existing space into something completely new. Dry, clean, and even surfaces are a fantastic basis for each and every project.

Drywall Hanging & Finishing: If your walls are damaged, we can inspect the area to check if repairs can be made or if a new drywall must be installed.


Restore the natural look of your outdoor living space thanks to Mr. Painter pressure washing service!! We provide a high quality service at a fair price. Request a free quote today!


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